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Residential Care

At The Amwell Care Home, our residents’ wellbeing, joy, and, ultimately, satisfaction are always going to be our top priority, no matter what. Our teams here at The Amwell Care Home always make it their number one mission to ensure each of our residents gets the love and dedicated support that they deserve. They take great delight in aiding our residents as much as they can, and helping them throughout their day-to-day lives.

Residential care is the perfect solution for those who are struggling to care for themselves while still living at home, or just need a helping hand every now and then. Our service has always provided, and will continue to provide, a warm and supportive environment in which individuals may safely and freely benefit from the social features of group living while still maintaining their independence. This has all been made possible through our dedication to creating personalised care plans for our residents to ensure they’re getting the most out of life, and not to mention our amazing employees.

What is Residential Care? 

We provide round-the-clock care and an incredibly welcoming environment at The Amwell Care Home. All of our hard working professionals at our incredible residential care home have above and beyond the necessary skills and training to provide the best service to you or a loved one.

Our carers will all be trained to at least SVQ 2 level, ensuring that each and every one of our residents will have nothing to worry about. Our staff will always respect your right to make your own decisions and will tailor and update your care package as needed. In fact, regardless of why they came to The Amwell Care Home, our care teams are trained to provide as much or as little support as each and every one of our residents wants.

One of Our Bedrooms
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Ensuring Expert Residential Care, Always

Our Home Manager has an “Open Door” policy and is accessible to speak with residents and their families both during and after office hours, so you can rest assured that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to get in touch with the team and get the information you need. 

Your care and support needs will be evaluated every six weeks at a regularly scheduled Care and Support Meeting, where you and your representative will be invited to meet with our Care Team to discuss your care needs and any potential next steps that might need to be taken. You will then be encouraged to share your opinions on any aspect of the care facility at any time. 

We understand that some people might be inclined to believe that living in a residential care facility should only be considered as a “very last resort.” Or even that making this decision is only relevant when you or a loved one is terminally ill or unable to care for oneself. However, we really do want to emphasise that this is simply not the case, and that living in a care facility like The Amwell Care Home has many significant advantages.

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Explaining Our Residential Care at The Amwell Care Home

We really do like spending time with each new resident and their family prior to their arrival to ensure that The Amwell Care Home really is the perfect place for them. We also want to make sure that they have the correct personalised care plan for them, which we simply can’t achieve unless we know our residents almost as well as we know ourselves. We have a team of friendly, sympathetic staff who can help you and adjust your care plan if and when your needs change over time.

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The Amwell Care Home: Our Expectations

Residential care may be an excellent choice to consider if you or a loved one is finding it difficult to live alone, or if living alone is beginning to have a negative influence on the emotional or physical health of someone very close to you. Residential care, often known as group living, really does have the potential to make a big difference in our residents’ lives, and we’ve seen this first hand. This form of care is perfect for those who need a little more help now and then to keep doing the things they enjoy, but who can live their lives largely unattended.

Prioritising Outstanding Levels of Care

We really do believe in the strength behind confronting any obstacle we might face head on, as well as the power of being able to recognise when to seek help. Every day, our residents and their loved ones demonstrate to us their bravery and pure determination, which are only some of the many qualities we admire them for. 

That is why The Amwell Care Home is always 100% committed to supporting our residents in every single way that we can. No one, regardless of age, should have to confront their issues alone. We face our issues at The Amwell Care Home as a community, and as a team.

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Our Residential Care Inclusives

Every resident will be able to get the necessary and high-quality medical care that’s tailored to suit their individual needs. Each and every one of the residents who choose to stay with us at The Amwell Care Home will be supplied with the following services:

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General Practitioner Visits

Each of our residents will be able to book and attend appointments with a GP, and these can be attended with the support of one of our team members

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Chiropodist Appointments

A private chiropodist visits our home every six weeks, but residents can also have the option of scheduling their own private NHS Chiropodist if they require more frequent appointments.

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Nurse Call Systems Fitted

Each of our rooms and suites has a nurse call system fitted, so no matter what time of day it is, our teams are prepared and ready to deal with any concerns our residents might have.

One of Our Bedrooms

Making the Most of Life at The Amwell

Melton Mowbray, a thriving market town in Leicestershire, is home to the Amwell Care Home. Melton Mowbray has both historical and scenic walking ways where you can really get lost in the wilderness.

The Amwell Care Home was established on the concept that each resident has the right to the lifestyle they deserve, which is made possible by our caring and supportive environment. Every professional team member at The Amwell Care Home always goes above and beyond to ensure that your stay with us is everything you expected and more.

 Our ultimate goal is to create a welcoming environment in which people can pursue their hobbies and live without boundaries, and where their ideas and opinions are always welcome.

We’d Love to Speak to You

If you have any queries or would like to talk with a member of our friendly team, please contact us at 01664 882525 or feel free to email us at You can also use our online Enquiry Form to get in contact with us. We look forward to speaking with you very shortly.