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At The Amwell Care Home, we do all that we can to enhance the experience of all residents who live with us. We want our residents to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives, which is what we believe they truly deserve. Thanks to our two fantastic Activity Coordinators and our varied activities programme, we are able to offer a plethora of opportunities for our residents to socialise, be active and most importantly, enjoy themselves. 

From the entertainment we welcome into our home, to the activities that we organise, all are planned with our residents best interests in mind. We work closely with our residents to ensure that they can continue doing the hobbies they know and love, as well as introducing them to brand new exciting activities.

Activities For All

We are very fortunate to have two Activity Coordinators with us here at The Amwell Care Home, who are completely dedicated to ensuring our residents always have something to look forward to. Our social and activities calendar is often planned in advance so that we can guarantee no two days are ever the same. No matter the weather, activities can still go ahead as our home has warm and cosy communal lounges for indoor activities, and multiple enclosed gardens for when the sun is shining. 

Taking the time to get to know each and every resident on a personal level plays a great part in organising such a fantastic and varied activities programme, as it allows us to facilitate for everyone. Activities planned in the home can vary from men’s club and musical therapy, to sensory sessions and coffee mornings. We also like to get involved with the local community as much as we can, and have been known to take residents on a array of outings such as to car shows, local landmarks, or even just for a pub meal.

Piano in Entertainment Room
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Carry on Doing the Things You Love

We understand that moving into a new home and environment can often be unsettling, which is why we do all that we can to enable our residents to continue living their lives the way they always have. We want our residents to be able to maintain their usual routines, and we encourage them to live as independently as possible, whilst reassuring them that we are here for them whenever they need us. Whether there’s a certain hobby our residents want to carry on doing, or a new interest that they want to pursue, we do all we can to ensure our residents find enjoyment in every day.

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Endless Options for Entertainment

We have a vast range of connections which means we regularly welcome entertainment from all walks of life into our home. In the past, we have introduced our residents to musical entertainers, pet therapy and exercise classes. We also benefit from relationships with local schools, churches and nursery which further enhance the social wellbeing of our residents. 

Entertainment very much starts within our home however, as we often host bingo nights, quizzes and tea parties. These offer great opportunities for our residents to connect, laugh and make memories. Our residents also like to get involved with the entertaining, and many can be found having a sing-a-long with our karaoke machine.

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Piano in Entertainment Room

Entertainment & Activities Programme FAQs

A lot of hard work and effort goes into producing an Entertainment and Activities Programme that is sure to leave our residents smiling from ear to ear. It is completely up to our resident residents as to what they want to get involved in, from exercise classes to writing club, the choice is theirs. Here we have answered some of our most common FAQs regarding our Entertainment and Activities Programme, and should your question not be found here then please do not hesitate to let us know.

At The Amwell Care Home, we fully understand the wonderful and relaxing benefits animals can have on the overall health of our residents. Dogs prove to be very popular with our residents and we often hold pet therapy sessions, so our residents can have the opportunity to stroke, cuddle and care for some furry companions.

We’ve developed strong links with many members of our local community and as a result, we are able to give our residents opportunities to visit local churches, schools and nurseries. Our neighbours are kind and considerate, and take great pleasure in forming connections with our residents.

We like to ensure that we have a main form of entertainment scheduled weekly, with our Activity Coordinators also organising events in the home and day trips throughout the week. At The Amwell Care Home, we welcome an array of class acts such as performers and instructors, and often welcome back our residents’ favourites time and time again.

We put great effort into getting to know our residents on a personal level to ensure we can accommodate their every need. For instance, for our more creatively inclined residents we host Arts & Crafts sessions and writing club, and for our male residents, we have created a men’s club that they can join in with if they wish. No matter how much our residents wish to participate and socialise, we have a wide range of 1:1 and group activities to choose from. We listen intently to the needs and interests of our residents and always welcome suggestions for new activities.

Making the Most of Life at The Amwell

Our approach to care is very well-rounded in the sense that we do more than just provide medical care. We are passionate about supporting our residents with their mental, spiritual and emotional health too. That’s why we have put so much effort into ensuring our home has the facilities and amenities to inspire and motivate our residents to make the most of life every single day. It is important to us that our residents and their loved ones alike feel included and like a valued part of The Amwell Care Home family.

Prioritising Outstanding Levels of Care

At The Amwell Care Home, we strongly feel that developing solid relationships with our residents is the key to delivering the most effective care. This is because it enables us to create personalised care plans that meet the specific needs of each unique individual who resides with us. Our exceptional team is committed to supporting our residents around-the-clock, meaning no matter what time of day it is, or for whatever reason, we at The Amwell Care Home are always there for you.

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We’d Love to Speak to You

If you would like to find out more about our Entertainment and Activities Programme, or any other services and facilities on offer here at The Amwell Care Home, then please feel free to get in touch. You can call our team on 01664 882525 or send an email to admin@theamwellcare.com. Alternatively, you can complete our online Enquiry Form and we will get in touch with you.