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Arts & Crafts

If you’re feeling particularly creative during your time with us, we’re pleased to announce that The Amwell Care Home offers exclusive art and crafts workshops for our residents and their visitors. At The Amwell, we have a wide range of creative projects, all of which are listed in our Full Activities Programme.

Participating in artistic activities has long been seen as a calming hobby as well as a brilliant way to meet new people. That is why we provide a variety of crafting activities and encourage our residents to get inventive due to the many physical and mental benefits it brings.

Let Your Inner Artist Shine Through

During our arts & crafts sessions, our residents can express themselves creatively while also laughing and chatting with their neighbours and friends. As well as the social benefits, our residents’ physical and mental wellbeing automatically improves, and they feel a great sense of satisfaction when they finish their newest masterpiece.

Even those who aren’t as artistically inclined as others, residents will always have a good time and learn something due to the educational or learning element we make sure to provide. Typically, we will have a subject and purpose in mind during our sessions, such as making flower arrangements or painting 3D objects.

residents doing crafts

Carry on Doing the Things You Love

We want all of our residents to live joyfully, that’s why we encourage them to participate in the variety of activities we provide, whether it’s trying something completely new or deciding to pursue a new hobby. We’re proud of the fact that all of our programmes at The Amwell Care Home are designed to benefit our residents in some way, whether it’s socially, mentally, or physically. We love to see the smiles on residents’ faces when they have accomplished something new.

Resident Flower Arranging
residents planting

Creativity Is Inside of Everybody

We aim to draw inspiration from our residents and surroundings when it comes to our arts & crafts programmes at The Amwell Care Home. Whether it’s holding craft classes in the living rooms or painting outside in the garden on a sunny day, we appreciate making the most of what we have. Our residents will always have access to the supplies they require to engage in the activities, but we may discover natural resources from the grounds and other areas of the house that can be used in our creations.

Residents Painting
residents doing crafts

Making the Most of Life at The Amwell

We don’t have a home without our wonderful residents. It’s as simple as that, and at The Amwell Care Home, we want our residents and members of our team to establish the strongest possible bonds. Our staff only want to deliver the best possible treatment to each individual. We also recognise that The Amwell family includes not only our new residents, but also their nearest and dearest. Everyone is welcome at The Amwell Care Home and this will always remain.

Prioritising Outstanding Levels of Care

One of our favourite things to do is spend time with our residents, and knowing about their unique lives allows us to get to know each and every one a little better. Here at The Amwell Care Home, our top aim is to deliver the highest quality of care that our residents well and truly deserve, and we do just that by making a substantial effort to know them on a personal level.

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We’d Love to Speak to You

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you have a query or would like some more information. At The Amwell Care Home, we strive to act in a way that is always in the best interests of our residents and their families. Please contact us by phone on 01664 882525 or by email at admin@theamwellcare.com. You can also fill out our Enquiry Form, and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible.