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If you’re feeling particularly creative during your time with us, we’re pleased to announce that The Amwell Care Home offers exclusive art and crafts workshops for our residents and their visitors. At The Amwell, we have a wide range of creative projects, all of which are listed in our Full Activities Programme.

Participating in artistic activities has long been seen as a calming hobby as well as a brilliant way to meet new people. That is why we provide a variety of crafting activities and encourage our residents to get inventive due to the many physical and mental benefits it brings.

Let Your Inner Artist Shine Through

During our arts & crafts sessions, our residents can express themselves creatively while also laughing and chatting with their neighbours and friends. As well as the social benefits, our residents’ physical and mental wellbeing automatically improves, and they feel a great sense of satisfaction when they finish their newest masterpiece.

Even those who aren’t as artistically inclined as others, residents will always have a good time and learn something due to the educational or learning element we make sure to provide. Typically, we will have a subject and purpose in mind during our sessions, such as making flower arrangements or painting 3D objects.

Residents doing arts and crafts
residents doing crafts

Creativity Is Inside of Everybody

We aim to draw inspiration from our residents and surroundings when it comes to our arts & crafts programmes at The Amwell Care Home. Whether it’s holding craft classes in the living rooms or painting outside in the garden on a sunny day, we appreciate making the most of what we have. Our residents will always have access to the supplies they require to engage in the activities, but we may discover natural resources from the grounds and other areas of the house that can be used in our creations.

Residents Painting
st davids day celebrations

What You’ll Find at The Amwell Care Home

Our care home has been considerately designed to include facilities and features that ensure our resident’s comfort and convenience, allowing them to feel fully supported.

Themed Crafts

Learn New Techniques

Art Materials

Social Sessions

Inclusive Actvity

Help from Staff

Arts & Crafts FAQs

You have the choice of taking your work of arts back to your room to proudly display them, but if a member of staff notices your brilliant work and believes it belongs somewhere where everyone can see it, they may ask whether it can be displayed somewhere in the home.

These art and craft events are open to anybody who wishes to participate. Although these programmes are aimed for our residents, their family members are welcome to attend. The more the merrier.

Our team here at The Amwell Care Home will provide you with all of the required art supplies, but if you feel you’d want to get even more adventurous, you can of course bring in any other art items you believe would be beneficial.

There are many things you can make at our regular arts and crafts programmes. You are free to make whatever you like, however our teams have previously hosted origami sessions and baking classes for our residents.

Premium Care Tailored to You

We are proud to offer a wide range of care services at our local care home in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Our residents are at the core of everything we do and alongside their loved ones, they can relax knowing that our team is here for them at all times of the day and night.

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