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Dementia Care

Life at The Amwell Care Home is underpinned by the belief that all residents should be given every opportunity to live an independent life in a supportive and caring environment. For those who have specific, higher care needs, such as Dementia, we aim to ensure residents are able to make the most of their day by providing the right amount of support as and when required.

Our Dementia Care team continually receives extensive training in all elements of Dementia, equipping them to provide exceptional care in a safe, caring, and welcoming environment. Residents experiencing the daily complications associated with Dementia are eased through a considered combination of skilled medical care and daily planned activities, social and mental stimulation, and regular engagement and support.

Care homes support those living with dementia in a number of different ways, and at The Amwell Care Home, our dedicated Dementia unit provides Dementia Care at all times of the day and night in our Nightingales Community, with a familiar team every time you visit. Here we strive to provide residents with a comfortable home-away-from-home environment that promotes independence, maintains dignity, and assures high quality of life. Our care home has been expertly designed with wide corridors to support residents and has created plenty of opportunities for residents to engage in a social environment, from a varied activities programme to a lounge with a piano to spark reminiscence with music.