Our home have welcomed two new Activities Co-Ordinators to our team, Laraine Lewis and Tina MacPhee, with over 60 years combined in the care sector.

Laraine has been in the care sector for a remarkable 40 years. Committed to working with the elderly in a number of roles, she is determined to help all residents become more active and grow their social lives from group activities in the home itself to events and activities out in the local community.

Tina has worked in the care sector for more than 20 years, working with both the young and the elderly. She has a vast breadth and depth of experience and is personally looking to enhance the person-centred approach, as well as the quality of provisions and activities for residents at The Amwell.

Laraine said: “I am passionate that The Amwell deliver the best possible care to residents. Quality of life, dignity and enjoyment are key to my approach. When ‘life tasks’ no longer fill the day, it’s essential to fill the time with something else productive.”

“Tina and I certainly seem to be a bit of a dynamic duo. With 60 years combined experience, we have many, many ideas which we can’t wait to share with the residents and we. also look forward to hearing what motivates them and what they find most fun.”

Tina added: “We take the topic of social health very seriously at The Amwell, and recreational and leisure activities are key to its success within the home. As Activity Co-Ordinators, we play a central role in delivering purposeful and meaningful activities which stimulate residents and improve their wellbeing. This type of activity is very effective at supporting our residents, particularly those living with dementia.”