VE Day

VE Day

Our residents recently dressed up in a themed fancy dress to celebrate VE day.

The day included a patriotic theme with bunting, a two-minute silence, and music from the 1940’s. Our residents wore costumes which included the likes of Winston Churchill, a war nurse, and army general and several 1940’s day dresses.

VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, was first celebrated on 8th May 1945 – the day after Germany surrendered after six years of war. Thousands of people lined the streets of London and flags, streamers and banners hung from windows, telegraph poles and across the streets. Locally, families celebrated with tea parties for the whole street.

Our residents and staff enjoyed reminiscing and sharing their stories about themselves and loved ones during the time the victory was announced.

Our Home Manager, Tracey Heyes said: “Many of our residents have very clear memories of the Second World War and the hardships that were suffered. It’s nice to be able to celebrate the end of the war and relive the relief that VE Day brought to everyone back in 1945.”

“We have been blessed with beautiful weather for the celebrations which really makes it feel like a party here, and the residents have had a great day with their friends and family.”